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Mystic Sisters Jayshree Rabia Mallaya and Mellissa Mallaya~Pandya 21 year legacy has been built on the strong foundation of Mystic Sisters intuition.


Mystic Sisters is an information provider specialising on an individuals life providing clarity and snapshot analysis of all aspects of your life, your personality as well as much needed solutions to many of their private and corporate clients.


Mystic Sisters have appeared on radio and television Shows around the world, hosted shows on East Coast Radio, LotusFm, Hindvani. The sisters have graced magazine pages from FairLady, to Cosmpolitan, penned columns for the Sunday Tribune as well as appeared in many publications nationally and internationally.


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The Mystics have won the hearts of their clients with their amazing insights and empowering approach.


They have written and published their book which became a best seller 'Palm reading and Positive Thinking'.  Jayshree has also written and published 2 spiritual books including a poetry book.


2 years ago Mystic Sisters received the Living Legend Award for their contribution to the community.

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